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We're thrilled to invite you to be a part of Margate Songbook: Echos of England, a community-driven project aimed at celebrating England through music. This initiative, generously funded by the Arts Council, is hosted by Rosslyn Court, the best folk venue in Margate.

At a time when the image of England needs a boost, we aim to bring the community together through the universal language of music. We want to hear your song, the one that makes you think of England in the most positive light.

Across Cliftonville & Margate

Our team will be in various public spaces in Cliftonville and Margate, to interview you and collect your chosen song. It's as simple as sharing a tune and a story. Your song could become a part of our musical celebration.

Your song submissions will be transformed into a series of four captivating concerts in and around Rosslyn Court, featuring local musicians who will bring your melodies to life. These concerts will be a joyful reflection of the diversity and positivity that England embodies.

Reshaping the Narrative

Together, we can reshape the narrative about England and create a harmonious and uplifting experience for our community. Let's celebrate the beauty of our home through music!

Follow us on social media for updates, and keep your eyes and ears open for announcements of our concerts.

Let's make Margate's music resonate with the spirit of England!


  • October 2023 - Collection Points around Cliftonville & Margate
  • November / December 2023 - Analysis of information gathered
  • January 2024 - Publication of findings and concerts
  • February / March 2024 - 6 or more concerts around Cliftonville & Margate
  • May / June 2024 - Project evaluation & wash-up